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Created by Doug Bechtold, Modified on Tue, 22 Jun 2021 at 12:24 PM by Doug Bechtold

After you open a record (Account, Contact, Lead, etc.) there a couple of ways to edit the record.

The first and most comprehensive is to go into Edit mode on the entire record.  This is done by clicking on the Actions menu and choosing Edit.  This Actions menu is available on every record type in Flywheel.  

Once in Edit mode, any field on the form can be changed.  When your changes are complete, click on Save at the bottom of the form, or you can Cancel if you do not want to save the changes.  

Another way to edit records is from the display view, some fields can be edited one attribute at a time.  If you double-click on an attribute that has a little pencil icon on it, the attribute will become editable.  

Once the attribute becomes editable, you can change the value of the attribute and then either hit the Enter key, or click on the check-box icon.  

Note that if you click or tab about of the attribute, Flywheel will warn you that you are about to leave the attribute without saving your changes.  

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