This article provides links to helpful articles on installing, configuring, and using the Flywheel CRM Mobile app.

Quick Start Articles:

  • Installation -  Provides instructions on iOS/Android for installing and configuring settings.
  • Login Screen - Refer to this article if you're having issues getting logged into Flywheel.
  • Home Screen - This screen allows you to view notifications and search for contacts, leads and accounts.
  • Adding Notes - How to add notes to Accounts in the mobile app.
  • Logging Calls - How to make and log calls with notes in the mobile app.
  • Opening Web App from Mobile - How to open the full Flywheel web app from the mobile app.
  • Side Navigation Menu - This menu provides the ability to quickly jump between menus (Notifications, PhoneBook, Calls Logs, & Settings), as well as Logout of the application.

If you can't find what you're looking for on the Knowledgebase, please feel free to submit a ticket.