New Features:

- Tags (beta): Flywheel now includes a Tags module. Accounts, Contacts, and Leads can be associated with a Tag.

    - Mass Tag : The list view includes a button to apply a tag to selected records

    - Search by Tag : The list view search includes a Tag field to filter records by a given Tag

    - Subpanel : Each of the relevant modules includes a subpanel to display the associated tags

Other features are on the list - such as a field representation of tags and easier ways to dynamically add Tags. We'll also be working on a bidirectional sync of Tags between CRM and Flywheel MA. 

Developer Changes:

- Webhook Integration: Performance improvements

- Line Item Children : The OrderLineItems, QuoteLineItems, and InvoiceLineItems can now be related to themselves - this allows a tiered hierarchy. Useful for Line Items that have additional options.

- Custom dropdown valuesNon-defined dropdown field values will now be visible in the UI. 

- Custom Module Indices : Should improve performance

Bugs Fixed:

- Favoriting/Following code collisions

- History Subpanel filters not visible by default