The Flywheel Grain Dashboard provides your grain team with a specialized view of an Account. Mulitple data sources are combined and presented so that Users can quickly get a grasp on a growers historical and upcoming grain sales. The dashboard also makes it very easy to keep track of variable data points in order to help with sales. 

Grain Dashboard Sections:

The Grain Dashboard is divided into two main sections: the Account Overview provides a quick snapshot of the Account. You can view its location, selected attributes, and historical sales to get the broad picture. The Offers section below provides a summary of the various contracts and offers that are in play for the selected Commodity. 

Account Overview

The Account Overview has three sections which are detailed below:

Account Storage:

This area is designed to give you an idea about how much Grain the Account has in your Commercial Storage, how much they are holding on their Farm(s), and where their Storage Locations are located.

This information could be useful especially if you're trying to move grain into specific locations.

The On-Farm storage links to additional details (see below)

Account Attributes:

This section is for your organization to store/display selected Account attributes. These could be helpful data points for conversations with the Grower

Account Sales Chart:

This chart provides a summary of Contracted Bushels by Crop, by time period.

You can toggle the chart between fiscal year or a monthly view.

This chart sums both Active and Fulfilled Contracts

Offers View

The Offers section provides data about the selected commodity. You can use the dropdown at the top to select a crop. 


The summary section provides total bushels for a number of different records. See below for individual definitions:

Commercial StorageThe total number of bushels in commercial storage across all locations for the given commodity.

This is made up of these Sheet Types:
- Grain Bank (G)
- Warehouse Receipt (W)
- House Receipt (?)
- Non-negotiable (N)
On Farm StorageThe total bushels of unpriced grain held by the Grower.
This can be edited from the On-Farm Storage screen. Typically a Grain Rep will be in discussions with a grower about how much grain the grower has on farm
Expected New CropThe total unsold bushels from active Crop records.
Typically the rep will have an idea about the size of the growers harvest and may be able to find out how much of that is unsold. This data is tracked in Crop Records and aggregated here
Total AvailableThe sum of previous three
ContractsThe total bushels from Contracts that are:
- Active
- of Type: UP, CB, FF, BB
- have a Delivery Date in the future

For CB contracts, the quantity is pulled from "Unapplied Purchase Quantity", otherwise it is the "Remaining Net Quantity"

NOTE: Defer-pay (DP) contracts are shown in the Contracts List, but they are NOT factored into the Contract total or the charts
Balance (Unpriced)The Total Available minus Contracts
Hard OffersThe total bushels from Offer records that are:
- Available
- of Type: OB, OH
- have a Delivery Date in the future
Soft OffersThe total bushels from Soft Offer records
Remaining BushelsThe Balance minus Hard and Soft Offers.
This is the amount of grain that has no agreements on it at all yet


The Offers chart displays the total Contracts, Hard Offers, and Soft Offers by month for the next 18 months.

It also shows the current and upcoming Crop Records. You can click the Crop in order to see details and edit the expected output. 

Crop Records:

Crop Records provide data about the crops that a Grower is producing. They give the Grain Rep a place to track the estimated size of the harvest and their expectations for the grain that will be produced. 

Reps can either fill out the Acres and Expected Yield or simply fill out the Expected Output.

They can easily drag the Percent Sold slider to influence the Total Unsold which will contribute to the Expected New Crop on the summary.

Only Active crops will be added to the summary. At the end of the year, the record should be made inactive

When it is time to create next year's record, simply press the Add Crop button and the system will generate the next record with many of the values pre-filled for you. 

Soft Offers:

Soft Offers represent an unwritten or unofficial agreement between a rep and a grower. This is a place that the you can store information about what a grower might be looking for. These record are easy to input and modify and can be a powerful reference when you need to meet a specific quota. 

Record Lists:

Beneath the Offers chart we have lists of the three types of agreements. The tables can be sorted or collapsed. The Soft Offers table has buttons to edit or add new offer records. 

You can click the respective titles from the Offers Summary in order to come to the lists easily.