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There are several ways to conduct a Search in Flywheel.  The first is the "Global" search, both Basic and Advanced. 

Basic Global Search

 Basic global search is always available in the upper right hand part of the app.  

There is a general search that uses best practice search algorithms to look through almost all of Flywheel. The platform displays results based on calculated relevance. It's very powerful, but can also be somewhat imprecise. You can search for an email address, a phone number, a name, an Opportunity ID, etc. Here are the Global Search results for "Smith" from a Flywheel demo system.

Using Hints in Global Search

A more precise form of Global Search can be invoked through the use of specific search parameter "hints" in the Basic Global Search. 

  • If the search parameter contains the "@" symbol, the Global Search is optimized for email address and will only return matches against Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.  
  • If the Search parameter is contains 7 numerical digits or 10 numerical digits, the Global Search is optimized for phone number and returns Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.  As examples, search parameters of "(246) 579-3456" or "9045982" will optimize the search for phone number on Accounts, Contacts, and Leads
  • If the search parameter starts with "name: ", the Global Search is optimized for person names and will only return Contacts and Leads.  For example, to search Contacts and Leads for names similar to Smith, use a search parameter of "name: Smith".  

When these "hints" are used, the search results will be different and optimized compared to a plain search.  

Advanced Global Search

From the Global Search results screen, there is a link that opens a panel to conduct an Advanced search.  

Advanced Search still utilizes the power of the fuzzy logic searching, but you guide the search by specifying what type of search you are doing and which Modules should be included in the search results.  For example the following images shows how to search for any Contact that has an email address similar to "".  Note that Advanced Search overrides the use of "hints" mentioned above. 

In addition to these Global Search options, there are other ways to easily find what you are looking for.  

List View Quick Search

From any List view, a search can be done within a certain module type with the Quick Search bar. The following is the Quick search bar on the Accounts list view.

Searching in this way will only search within the Module, and will only search on the Name field for the module.  So for example, searching for "Smith" will only search for Accounts that have the exact text "Smith" in the name.  

The "percent" symbol allows for wildcard search, but again only within the Name field.  So %Smith would match against the name Naismith as well.

The search results can be cleared by clicking the Spreadsheet button.

Home Dashboard View and Filters 

Other ways to find what you are looking for include the Home Dashboard view which is described here.  In additional every Flywheel List view offers powerful filtering capabilities outlined here.  

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