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When you log into Flywheel, you are brought to the Home Dashboard, an example is below.

This view is highly customizable and you can always return to the Home Dashboard by clicking on the Flywheel symbol in the upper left corner.  

The Home Dashboard contains a series of Tabs.  


Adding / Editing the Home Dashboard Tabs

To add or edit the Dashboard Tabs, click on "down arrow) part of the Actions tab and select Add Tab or Edit Tabs.

When you click on Add Tab, you can name the tab and set the number of columns.

Let's add Tabs called "Key Reports" and "Outstanding Work".  

Editing Tabs

If you want to re-order or delete a Tab, click on Edit Tabs

From the Edit Tabs screen, you can delete or order the Tabs

The Tab names cannot be renamed at this time, but it is easy to add a new Tab and remove one that is no longer needed.  And changing the content on any given tab is described next.  


The panels on any given Home Dashboard Tab (My Contacts, My Leads, etc.) are called Dashlets.  Dashlets can be added, customized, re-ordered, or removed.  

Adding a Dashlet to a Tab

To add a Dashlet to the Home Dashboard, click on "down arrow) part of the Actions tab and select Add Dashlets.

You will then be presented with a plethora of options to add Dashlets related to other Flywheel views called Modules, Charts, Tools and even external web sites.  Your Home Dashboard can become whatever you want it to be!

In this case, let's add an Invoice Line Items Dashlet to the Home Dashboard, so search for "Invoice" in the search box.  

Choose "My Invoice Line Items" from the search results, and a new Dashlet is added to your Home Dashboard.  

Customizing a Dashlet

To modify what a Dashlet displays, click on the Pencil icon in the header of a Dashlet.  

On the Dashlet Edit screen, there are a myriad of options to rename the Dashlet, change the display columns, filter the data presented, etc.  

Modifying the Dashlet Layout on a Tab

On your Home Dashboard, to change the order or column lay-out of the Dashlets, mouse click on a Dashlet header and drag it to a new location.  

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