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Part of the value of Flywheel is the ability to easily create and track Activity and Work Items - Tasks, Leads, Opportunities, Calls, etc.  In the Module List views, it is easy to monitor and create work items.  Let's use the Account List view as an example.  Work items for the Account are listed in the Sub-Panels at the bottom of the view.  For more details on how to manage Sub-Panels and Sub-Panel Groups, see "List Views - Web"

Adding Notes

Let's add a note to this Account.  Click into the History Sub-Panel and click on the "Create Note or Attachment" button.  Click on the button, not on the white down arrow as that down arrow has a different purpose covered below.  

An In-line form opens where we can enter the details of the Note.  You can add an attachment, assign the Note, etc. and then Save.  

Clicking the white down arrow in History Sub-Panel provides some other options to Filter the view in the History Sub-Panel or Archive a record.

In the Filtered view of the History Sub-Panel, you can choose a certain type of Note or search on the summary.  In this case only Notes that contain "sales" in the summary are shown after doing a Search.

To turn off the Filter view, just click on the white arrow again and select Toggle Filter

Another way to add a Note is from the Actions menu at the top of the screen, although be aware that this is only available for adding notes to an Account.  

Creating Tasks

Another common Work Item tracking need is creating Tasks.  Again in the context of an Account, a task can be quickly created from the Activities Sub-Panel.  Click on the button part of Create Task, not the white arrow.  

Note that when creating Tasks, it can be really important to assign a Due Date.  In this case a Task to send a Contract out by Aug. 1st and assigning the Task to User25.  The Full Form button just opens the form into the full size of the screen rather than being inset into the Account form.  

Logging Calls

Similarly, you can log calls/meetings the same way, only instead clicking on the white arrow.

On the resulting form, full documentation of the Call can be captured with consideration of setting up a Reminder for follow-up.

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