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Flywheel is organized in a series of functional areas called Modules.  Each type of Module has data elements called Fields and relationships to other Modules.  Example Modules would be Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, etc.  Example Fields would be First Name, Last Name, Description, etc.

A listing of all available Modules is always available through the "All" tab in the maid header.  

Let's select Contacts although this functionality is available for every Module.  

Organizing by Columns


In any list view, you can sort the list by Column name by clicking on the "up/down arrow" in the header next to each column header.

Changing Columns

To change or reorder the Column headers, click on the "Column Chooser" icon.

From the dialog that pops up, you can click and drag columns around.  This will allow you to reorder the visible columns or decide which to show and which to hide.

Leveraging Filters

In any Flywheel list view, you can filter the view by clicking on the funnel icon.

This will bring up a dialog window that provides Quick Filter options to customize the filter options.  Note that these filtering options will persist only as long as the filter is applied which means it's just a quick search capability.  The Advanced Filter view provides even more filtering options, including the option to save the Advanced Filter for future use.  

Clearing a Filter

When you are in a Filtered View, an icon is shown that indicates that the view is Filtered.  Clicking on that icon will clear the filter.

Saving a Filtered View

From the Advanced Filter view, at the bottom of the view there is an option to save the Filter for future use.  Enter a name for the view and criteria.  Note that only criteria on the Advanced Filter tab will be saved.   In this case we are creating a view of Contacts created in the last 7 days.

When this Filter is saved, it will be available in the Contacts list view.

"My Accounts"

A common filter for the Accounts module is to look at any Account that you are tracking and following.  To activate this filter, just check the "My Items" box in the Quick Filter panel.

Viewing Account Details

Once you find a record you want to review, you can click on the record to get more detail.

To become a follower on any Account, open the account that you would like to follow and click on the Follow button.

The button name will then change to Following and you can then click on it again if you would like to stop following the Account.

Sub-panels and Sub-Panel Groups

At the bottom of every List view, there is a set of sub-panels and sub-panel groups.  

The Sub-Panel Groups are just a set of tabs that filter the Sub-Panel listing below it.  Each Sub-Panel can be expanded to show the list of items for that module type by clicking anywhere in the sub-panel.  At the end of the Sub-Panel title, there is a number in parenthesis which indicates how many items there are in each sub-panel.  This number is called a Hint and you can decide whether to display the Hint or not.  

Sub-Panel Hint Display Configuration

To change whether Sub-Panel hints are displayed or not, go to your Profile settings which are under the "Person Bubble" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the Profile Settings screen, go to the Layout Options tab and there is a checkbox which controls if you can see the sub-panel hints

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