New Feature - "Followers"

  • Created ability to Follow records
  • Added Filter for Following 
  • Added Filter by Followers
  • Mass Update Following & the the ability to mass add Followers for other users
  • Button to Follow a Record
  • Internal Reps auto-follow Dealer-Assigned Leads
  • Refresh Subpanels on Follow
  • Removed previous "Primary User" search functionality in favor of Followers
  • Migrated previous data to new Followers functionality

Existing Feature Improvements

General Updates

  • Account Dashboard - Add Previous Year Comparison Chart
  • Add relationships between Accounts and Leads for Dealer lead assignment

Layout Updates

  • Orders Field Display - Added Ship Date field, removed generally unused fields.
  • Removed Lead "Primary User" Filter
  • Require "User Type" to be set, added to List View
  • Improved Account Subpanel Sorting for Quotes & Orders (default sort by Order/Quote Date)
  • Leads Detail Layout Changes - Consolidated panels
  • Contact Detail Layout Changes - Added "Home" phone

Resolved Bugs

  • Unable to filter by Primary User
  • Assigned Dealer not autopopulating
  • Updated Install Script to preserve Outbound Email Settings
  • iOS phonebook phone numbers not syncing (resolved by adding "Home" phone on Contact).

Developer Notes

Includes API endpoint changes & cleanup, logic hook code refactoring, and improvements to installation/setup scripts.