The Home Screen is the first page you will see after successfully logging into to Flywheel Mobile. The main focus of the screen is to display notifications for Accounts that might require followup.  The screen also provides quick access to Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Maps so that you can operate more efficiently and with less effort.  

In the next section, you will find a breakdown the functionality and fields available on the screen.

Screen Functions/Fields

Please use the Home Screen image below, along with the reference table underneath it, to identify the location, description, and related articles for key functions and information on the Home Screen.

Related Articles
Account Record

Clicking on the Account Record link will send you to the CRM record for the displayed Notification, where you'll then be able to see full Account details and related records..  

Notification Name

Displays the name of the Notification Type. Selecting it will direct you to the Notification Details Screen where you can view a detailed description of the notification being received, as well as the ability to quickly call, email, get directions, or setup a meeting for the selected Account.

  • Notifications 
  • Notification Details Screen
Notification Date

Displays the date the notification was created

View Dashboard
Opens the Account Dashboards Screen for the current notification
Accounts List
Clicking on the Accounts List will direct you to the Account List View, within the CRM.  From here you will be able to search for Accounts and then see all of their details and related records. 
  • Using List View Filters
  • Using Global Search
Leads List

Clicking on the Leads List will direct you to the Leads List View, within the CRM.  From here you will be able to search for Leads and have full visibility into the Lead and be able to convert, if needed.

  • Using List View Filters
  • Using Global Search
Sales Map
This page will show territory maps that have been created within the CRM.
  • Sales Map
Phone Book

Provides a list of all Contacts and Leads that have an Account that is currently associated with your User.

  • Phone Book

In the next article, we will dive into the Notification Details Screen.

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