New Features

  • Phone Book: View "All" Leads & Accounts
  • Dealer Lead Management: Ability to assign Dealers & Dealer Reps to Leads in Flywheel Mobile
    • Honors lead routing rules in Flywheel CRM
    • Lead view includes assigned Dealer & Dealer Rep
  • Text/SMS messaging from Flywheel Mobile - send texts to customers in Flywheel Mobile
  • Autologin to Flywheel Web from Mobile App - No more re-typing in login information to see details & dashboards
  • Edit Contacts from Flywheel Mobile
  • Add & Assign Tasks - App now has the ability to add new tasks and assign to others

Bug Fixes

  • Synced contacts not assigned to User
  • Not able to assign Dealer Leads (fixed with in-app Dealer Lead assignment)
  • iOS: Home phone not displayed or syncing

Developer Notes

This edition of Flywheel Mobile utilizes new "Followers" functionality in Flywheel CRM 3.0.