New Features:

  • SMS Module: An SMS module was added to CRM in preparation for an SMS integration with the Mobile App.
  • Cases Improvements: The Cases module now has a one-to-many relationship with Contacts. Contacts are automatically filtered from the selected Account. The Case name is auto-generated and the views are cleaner
  • List View Improvements: The Accounts list view displays customer Health and Last Contact with color.
  • Dealer Lead Improvements: The Dealer Lead functionality is improved on Mobile. 

Important Changes:

This release does not include any breaking changes. There should be no negative or surprising impact to Users

Developer Notes:

This release includes extensive code cleanup and an integration with the Flywheel Extension sorting algorithm. This algorithm will ensure that Flywheel customizations are processed first, followed by non-flywheel extensions, followed by Studio customizations. This will ensure that customer changes are not removed by Flywheel upgrades. For more information see the developer articles related to the Extension Framework.