Flywheel CRM Version 3.3

Created by Jesse Dow, Modified on Thu, 01 Nov 2018 at 11:43 PM by Tim Summerer

New Features

  • Add Text (SMS) module [Beta]

    The mobile application is adding SMS capabilities. We created an SMS module in CRM to support this effort. Text messages sent via the mobile app will be stored in CRM and will be related to the appropriate Contact (Leads coming soon!). There are new subpanels and you should see SMS records under the appropriate Contact and parent Account.  
  • Insights Module [beta]

    We are providing specialized reports in our Insights Module. These reports are more complicated than what could be built with the standard report builder and we're adding interactivity to the results.

    First up is our Sales Activity report. This page will provide a powerful view into Sales team activity. It displays a rolling 30 day view of Emails, Calls, Meetings, Text Messages, Notes and Tasks broken down by User. We also display a summary of these activities in table form.

    We will be rolling out additional reports in the coming weeks and would love your input.

  • Dealer Health Tab

    You should notice a new tab on your Account records - Dealer Health. This collection of charts will provide insight into the effectiveness of Dealer Accounts. We have three new graphs
    • Follow Up Speed: This gauge will track how quickly Dealers are following up with the Leads you send them. Flywheel tracks the time between Lead creation and the first Activity (Call, Meeting, Text, Email) by a Dealer Rep on that Lead. 
    • Close Ratio: This pie chart displays the status of Dealer Leads for the past 12 months.
    • Leads by Month : This bar chart will show Lead velocity and source. An Internally Generated Lead is one that is generated by you. A Dealer Generated lead was created by a Dealer Rep. This chart stacks the two and groups them by month for the past 12 months.

  • Meeting and Call auto-update [beta]- Meetings and Calls that had a Planned status will automatically be set to Held after their due date

Existing Feature Improvements

General Updates

  • Accounts > List View > Accounts are now sorted with Current Years Sales from highest to lowest, for the default ordering. 
  • Emoji Support! SMS, Emails, Meetings, Calls, Tasks, Notes, and Leads now all support emoticons in the description field. 
  • Leads List view now displays colors on the Last Contact field.
  • Global Search box UI has been slightly improved.
  • Activity subpanel now matches the format of the History subpanel - it sorts and orders fields in a more intuitive fashion.
  • CRM notifications (alerts) are now restricted to 25 at a time and only for recent events.
  • Performance Improvements related to List Views and Account charts

    Bug Fixes

  • Chart resizing no longer crashes browser
  • SMS messages correctly link to Contacts

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