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The Account Quick Note Dashlet helps to drastically improve the process of logging customer interactions.

The Dashlet puts a User's common Accounts right on the homescreen and provides a smooth experience for creating Notes or logging Meetings. 

This guide will cover the installation, usage, and configuration of the Dashlet. 


Like any Dashlet, the Quick Note Dashlet is added from the Actions -> Add Dashlet button. 

In the menu, select "Account Quick Note Dashlet" to add it to your current board. 

You can click and drag the title bar in order to rearrange dashlets on your board. 

Note: Take care not to add the dashlet more than once.


The Dashlet will display a list of Accounts (see below for details). There is a Quick Meeting and Quick Note button which will allow you to create a related record.

Quick Meeting/Note

Each Quick record has a Subject and a Note

A meeting also has a Date. You may select the calendar to adjust the date or click the "-1" button to bump the date down one day.

Full Form:
The Full Form button will navigate you away from the Quick form and take you to the built-in creation screen. This screen will provide additional options which could be useful in some situations.

A Full-form Note will include an Attachment field.
A Full-form Meeting will include fields to edit Duration, Status, Invitees, etc.  


The "Filter by Name" box allows you to quickly search within your list of Accounts. The box uses a 'fuzzy' search so your spelling does not need to be perfect.

Note: This only searches within the given list of Accounts. Use Global Search to perform a broader search. 


Click the Pencil icon to adjust the settings for the dashlet. 

Account Filters:

The Dashlet can display Accounts in one of two ways:

  1. Assigned: This will include Accounts where you are the Primary User or Category Specialist or Follower.

  2. FavoritesThis will include Accounts that you have Starred as Favorites:

Note: In some cases the "Assigned" option provides too large of a list. Especially if your company has a large number of infrequent Accounts.
In these cases, the "Favorites" is a better option. Your reps can Star their "20%" in order to see the most important Accounts.

Display Rows:

Controls how many Accounts to show at a time. 


We hope that this dashlet will be helpful in streamlining your processes.

If you have any questions or suggestions, always feel free to drop us a note

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