Ag Co-Op Account Lists and Details

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For Ag Co-Ops, there are some optimized capabilities in Flywheel

Account List Views

In the Accounts List view, it is recommended to add Ag-related fields to the List view.  To edit columns in a List view, see the Getting Started article - click here.

Then in the Quick Filter view, you can filter on Accounts that meet certain criteria such as Prior Year Agronomy Sales > $10000 or Prior Year Bushels < 50000.  This can reveal Accounts that are doing less business than you might think, or also highlight the Accounts that are doing really well.  

Account Details

In the display view for a single Account, there is a wealth of information available.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab is mostly self explanatory.  Note that the fields on any of the tabs can be re-arranged or moved to a different tab by an internal Administrator or by contacting  

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab shows charts that track key business metrics.  The Product Mix graph is based on a rolling 12-month period of data whereas the other charts show Fiscal Year data.  If you hover your mouse over any section of the chart, detailed data will be displayed.  

The charts can be filtered or drilled into.  For example, in the Agronomy Sales chart, if you want to temporarily hide the Fertilizer data, just click on the Fertilizer header or the green bar next to it.  

This temporarily pulls the Fertilizer data from the chart and the Fertilizer header is show crossed out.  Simply click on the Fertilizer header again to add the data back into the chart.  

Some of the charts can also be drilled into for more details.  For example, you may be interested in finding out what types of Grain were sold in the last 12 months.  Click anywhere in the Grain section of the Product Mix chart to drill down a level.

The chart will then just show the Grain details.  Click on the "Top" header in the chart to go back up to the entire product mix view.  

Sales and Financial Tab

The Sales and Financial tab shows a text view of many key business metrics imported from your ERP system.

Marketing Tab

The Marketing tab displays a summary for the Account.  Note that Flywheel offers a very powerful Marketing app that is tightly integrated with Flywheel CRM.

Actions Tab

Most the items in the Actions tab are self explanatory.  If you want to Delete a record, you will get a confirmation box confirming that you want to take the action.  However, after you confirm that the record is deleted, there is no way to get it back without contacting  

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