Agsync Work Order Integration

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Flywheel now supports an integration with Agsync's Work Order system. 

This article will discuss the scope of the integration as well as usage instructions. 

Integration Scope:

The Agsync Work Order integration is designed to reduce dual entry between Flywheel and Agsync systems. It takes Crop Plan Groups and copies them into Agsync Work Orders. Users will need to fill in Agsync-specific attributes (such as Retailer, Supplier, Operations, etc) - these details will be passed along when the Order is created. 

The integration is not meant as a replacement for Agsync and there are some use cases which are better handled in Agsync directly. 


  • Coop is an Agsync customer and login details have been provided to Flywheel
  • Coop's Fields have been synced from Agsync. 
  • The Cropplan Group is a Rate group and it has Field(s) associated.
  • (recommended) The ERP Product id's have been synced between the ERP and Agsync
    • If not, User's will have to select Agsync Products for each of their Flywheel/ERP products

Creating Work Orders:

Work Orders can only be pushed to Agsync after the Crop Plan has been Closed.
At this point, navigate to the Actions tab and select Convert.

In the Convert Screen, you can select which Group you would like to Convert to Work Orders:

In the Configuration screen, you will fill in the Agsync Required Fields. Most options require that you select a Retailer first.

Finally, complete any Product configurations.
The system will attempt to match Flywheel/ERP products with Agsync Products.
If no match is found, then a warning symbol will appear. Please type the name of the Agsync product, then select it from the list:

If you would like to prevent an item from being included in the Work Order, then uncheck the box on the left

When you are ready to push the Orders to Agsync, press Submit.
The system will create an Agsync Order for each Field that is on the Group. 

Viewing Work Orders:

After Orders have been created in Agsync, you can view them from the Work Orders Tab

You can copy the Order Number and click the link to be taken to Agsync.
(currently, Agsync does not support a direct link to the order)


Please reach out to Flywheel if you have any questions or concerns

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