New Features:

- ERP Fields Searchable by default: The ERP ID fields in Orders, Invoices, Receipts, and Quotes are now added to the search index by default

- ERP ID Fields link to record: It doesn't always make sense to have a 'name' field on the List view for Order/Quotes/Invoices, etc. The ERP ID field is now a clickable link. When pressed it will take you to the record's Detail View. 

- Link to Support : There is now a Global link to Flywheel's support portal. It is available in the 'Avatar' dropdown.

- Contact field added to Note Quick Create : If you've customized this layout, you'll need to manually add the Contact field if desired

Developer Changes:

- Webhook Integration: The Marketing Interactions Module now checks for a record with a matching "reference_id" before inserting. This could cause problems if you have an integration/process that inserts these records with a blank or non-unique reference_id. It solves some problems for the Flywheel MA connector. 

- Better indices on Tags module