New Features:

  • Invoices Module - allows Flywheel to sync Invoices along with Orders, Quotes, and Accounts from the ERP
  • Marketing Interactions Module - allows Flywheel Marketing to sync interactions for a given Contact/Lead
  • Marketing Campaign checkboxes and Points - allows users to mark which Marketing Campaigns a given Contact/Lead should belong to. Points help to score the interest of a Contact/Lead. 
  • Signify Primary Contact - In an Account's Contact subpanel, the Primary Contact is now starred. 

Beta Features:

  • Note Sharing - share a Note record with other Users or Contacts. By creating a Note Share record, an email will be sent to the recipient with the contents of the linked note. This will be especially smooth from the Mobile Application.


  • Updated some branding and templates
  • Updated a few data types

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Accounts screen from displaying related record counts