The Flywheel Data Gateway is a small collection of software that will allow Flywheel to securely access data within your network. 

This document provides an outline of what you'll need to provide to enable it.


  • The Data Gateway must be installed on a Windows computer. This may be a server or a PC. 
  • The Gateway does not need to be installed on the physical ERP/Quickbooks server, however, it must have access to this server. 
  • The host computer must be powered on 24/7. 

Network Requirements:

  • The network must allow outbound port 22 traffic (ssh). 
  • The Data Gateway needs to have access to the Production data on your ERP system. If the Gateway is installed on a different machine, then there should be appropriate network access to the production databases. 
  • The network's public IP address should remain static and Flywheel should be notified if it changes. 

Security and Access Controls

  • Flywheel will need read-only access to ERP data. You will need to provide appropriate credentials to allow the Gateway to access your ERP data.
  • Permissions should be configured such that Flywheel does not have write/delete access. 
  • Flywheel will need appropriate Windows permissions to install and configure the Gateway.
  • The gateway runs a Windows scheduled task which requires a user with permission to run tasks when not logged on and a password that does not expire.
  • Flywheel will need remote or VPN access to the Gateway's host machine for initial setup, and ongoing VPN access is preferred to provide quick support.

Other Considerations:

You may choose to use a replication environment rather than give Flywheel access to Production databases. This is fine, but it is solely your responsibility to configure and maintain this system.