New Features:

  1. Share Crop Plans via Email:
    There is new Action to Share a Crop Plan.
    Users can use the wizard to easily send an email to the Plan's Accounts. The messaging can be customized and the email includes a PDF of the plan.

  2. Active/Inactive Terms:
    Crop Plans will now only show Active Terms for new plans.
    If a Term record is deactivated, it will remain on any existing plans.

  3. Improved access to Orders:
    Once Booking Orders are created, they can be accessed via the "Orders" tab or from a link on the "Actions" tab

Fixed Bugs:

  1. Splits: There was a scenario where it was possible to adjust a split in a way that caused the percentages to be incorrect. We have mitigated this issue. It did not affect any actual Crop Plans. 


  1. Authentication: We completed some prerequisites which will allow us to make progress on authentication improvements. The end goal is to allow longer user-sessions and increased security measures. 


  1. Classic PDF: The legacy PDF generator has been removed. Users should rely on the new style PDFs - this provides a more consistent layout, better summaries, and more reliable number formatting.