New Features:

  1. Convert a Crop Plan into Booking Orders:
    Crop Plan conversion will allow the system to create an Order for each Split Partner. Orders can be automatically pulled into Oakland (pending ERP setup).

    A Crop Plan now has a new status, Closed Ordered- this signifies that the CP has been closed and is en-route to the ERP. A Closed Ordered Plan cannot be edited.

    See full details here.

  2. Rate and Quantity Groups:
    Crop Plan groups have been refactored from Farm/Field groups into Rate/Quantity groups.
    This allows users to create a group with acres even if they don't want to attach it to specific Fields.

    See full details here.

Minor Changes:

  1. Settlements include a Location:A Grain Settlement now includes the originating location. This field has been added to the layouts and is available for reporting.

  2. Label Clarification: Labels throughout the Account and Account Crops modules have been improved for clarity. 

Bug Fixes:


Performance Improvements:

  1. Crop Plan Items: The underlying data model for Cropplan items has been improved for easier calculations.

Version: 5.2.0