Opportunity Probability and Sales Stages provide helpful frameworks for Sales teams to estimate and forecast their sales. Flywheel offers a variety of automations to help empower Sales staff without adding additional busywork. 

We recognize that every company is different and so Flywheel has many configuration options available. 

This article will discuss the default framework and the different configurations.

General Concepts:

Sales Stage: This is a dropdown field which contains the Stages of the Sales Process. It must include a "Closed Won" and "Closed Lost" status - and may contain any number of intermediary stages. 

Probability: This is a 0-100 number that represents the likelihood of the deal closing

Revenue: The dollar value of the deal if it is closed

Weighted Revenue: The estimated value of the deal. It is revenue times probability percent

Sales Stage to Probability Map: A map that links each Sales Stage to a Probability value. It is stored in the sales_probability_dom Dropdown List

Default Settings:

By default, the Sales Stage drives the Probability . The Probability field is readonly. If a new Sales Stage is chosen, then when the record is saved, the Probability and Weighted Revenue are updated.

The Sales Stage to Probability Map is used to map the stage to a corresponding probability.

Usually, the Probability field is not added to the Edit View in this case. (because the mapping occurs on the back end)

Manual Probability - Mapped Stages:

If desired, Flywheel can activate manual Probability. With this enabled - the User can set any 0-100 value in the Probability field. 

In this case, the Probability field is added to the Edit View and is not readonly. 

If you continue to have Mapped Stages (ie. each stage has a corresponding entry in the sales_probability_dom map), then when a Stage is selected from Edit View, the system will automatically fill in the corresponding Probability in real time. The User can then overwrite that value if they choose, but any time that the Stage is manually changed, the Probability will be updated to the corresponding value. 

If the Sales Stage is "Closed Won" or "Closed Lost", then the probability will be set to 100 or 0 respectively by the back-end code. 

Manual Probability - Unmapped Stages

Similar to the configuration above, Flywheel can activate manual probability. If you use custom stages and they are not mapped to sales_probability_dom then the Probability field will not be adjusted when the Sales Stage is modified. 

If the Sales Stage is "Closed Won" or "Closed Lost", then the probability will be set to 100 or 0 respectively by the back-end code.