Lead scoring is an important concept to help automate your sales funnel. Your system will give leads 'points' based on actions that they take. By assigning a numeric value you can easily sort or filter to find the prospects who are the most or least engaged. 

The Points system is arbitrary, however we have collected a set of reasonable defaults as a helpful starting point. 

Global Points Settings:

Open Email - 1 point

View Webpage - 2 points

Submits Form - 5-10 points

Download Asset - 10 points

Campaigns Points: 

A campaign may be an opportunity to assign additional points. For example, if someone opens all three emails in a campaign, you may 'boost' them with an additional 10 points (on top of the 3 that they would have earned by opening an email).

Since each campaign may be different, we don't have standard recommendations. 

There are many additional Point-driving actions available in Flywheel MA. Please reach out to your CSM or Support to learn more.