Website forms can be submitted to Flywheel using two methods:

  1. Posting to Flywheel from existing web forms.
  2. Creating a new form in Flywheel, posting generated form code to your website. 

Posting From Existing Forms

Existing web forms can post to Flywheel using the following URL:


All "Leads" fields in Flywheel (including custom fields) in your Flywheel instance can be submitted via webforms. Flywheel administrators can also create custom fields to match website forms. 

The most common fields submitted include:

Field Name
Field ID (used to post)
Additional Field Notes
First Name

Last Name*


Office Phone

Mobile Phone
mobile phone

User-entered form notes & information
Street address of submission



TypeTypeDefines if the lead is a Customer or Dealer lead. Usually a hidden field.
External IDexternal_account_idUsed on dealer-specific landing pages to automatically assign a dealer in Flywheel. Hidden field.
Campaign ID*
Hidden static value of the Campaign. Used to prevent form spam. Flywheel can provide static value. Hidden field.

Assigned User ID *assigned_user_idValue should be a CRM ID. This user will be credited as 'creating' the record and will also have it assigned to them if there is no matching Dealer Rep
Redirect Urlredirect_url
This is a non-crm field. The app will redirect to the Url provided here after submitting the data. Typically this is a "Thanks for submitting" type page. 

*Required field

The format for submitting each field is: 

<input name="[Field ID]" value="[value you want to submit]" /> 

Creating a Website New Form

Important note: Form formatting is not included in the Flywheel form generator. We recommend working with your website provider to format/integrate forms into your website.

To create a new web form in Flywheel, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Marketing > Campaigns.
  2. Click on "Create Person Form" on the sidebar or top pop down bar.
  3. Add the fields needed onto the form. Note that required fields must be added to the form - they are highlighted in blue.
  4. Click on "Next"
  5. Relate the form to a Campaign. If one doesn't exist, create one.
  6. Click "Generate Form".
  7. Review the form for accuracy and completeness. Use the editor to make any wording changes as needed.
  8. Click "Save Form"
  9. Copy code from the form to your site, or send to the person in charge of your website content.