This article walks through how to install Testflight in order to download and use Flywheel Mobile.

1. When you receive an with a Subject of "Flywheel Mobile", to proceed further, click on the word "TestFlight", as shown in the image below. 

2. Next, you'll be routed to accept the invitation.  Click "TestFlight" again to proceed. 

3. Select "Open" to launch to the 'TestFlight' app within the Apple Store.

4. To start the download, click on the 'Download link' represented in the image below.

5. Click on "Open" again, in order to open the TestFlight application.

6. Choose "Allow" in order to receive notifications from TestFlight.

7. Next, choose "Open" in order to launch Flywheel Mobile for the first time.

8. Go ahead and sign in, as shown in the image below.