Google Maps API - Pricing?

Obtaining a Key

  1. To obtain an API key from Google (You must have a Google account that you tie the registration too
  2. Once you have registered an Account, please go to the following link and tie your business account to the API Key registration. 


  1. Add the API key to your Flywheel CRM Instance by going to Admin > "Google Maps" > Then navigate down to 'Google Maps Settings;.
  2. To find out more about what settings can be configured and to review Best Practices, please refer to the following link:
  3. To start the Geo-code process go to  Admin > "Google Maps" section > the click on Geocode Addresses
  4. Wait. The app will geocode 250 addresses (if you left defaults alone). When this process is complete, you'll return to the Admin screen.
  5. Look at "Geocoded Counts" to verify that addresses are geocoding. Most likely (unless you have less than 250), you will need to geocode more. 
  6. Repeat the geocode process until addresses are geocoded.   Or alternatively, a cron job can be scheduled to automatically run the job at a certain interval.

Building Territory Maps:

  1. Go to the "Maps" module in Flywheel CRM.
  2. Click "Add New Map".
  3. Choose "Related To (Center), select record type, then choose a record type to use.
  4. You can display a different label on the map with a related record. For instance you could set the location on Accounts by choosing Related to, but then display the Contact Name on the map by picking Module Type to Display = Contacts.
  5. Save.
  6. Go to List Maps, then click on the name of the first column to look at the map.